quotebar So unlike the last person’s review with what looks like half a fuse box and an expectation of a Christmas miracle, my husband and I have taken both
out jeeps here on multiple occasions.  Suspension, death wobble, axle truss, they’ve done it all.  Always exceptional service with a thorough explanation of what the issue is and what needs done do fix it - no BS.

quotebar Just had the Dr work on my new gladiator,  a complete lift from teraflex 3.5 RT extended rear sway bar.  The guys did a great job.  Awesome follow
up to do some final tweaking but would highly recommend.
Services: General repairs & maintenance, Steering & suspension repair

quotebar Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality Jeep Doctor performed regular maintenance on my differential. Prices for  parts and labor price
were extremely competitive considering the level of skills they have in the shop. Was surprised to see my my low tire pressure go off because they filled up the tires without me asking. Little things like that won't be
found at the big chain stores. Will be back for all my jeep work.

Service: General repairs & maintenance

quotebar I took my Jeep in to the Jeep Doctor to have them install a power assist hydraulic ram for my steering. They were recommended by a friend. I have
to say that there work is superb. They ordered all the parts and got everything completed in less than two weeks. I thought it would take a month. They exceeded my expectations. They did it for the amount quoted and did
a very professional job. I would recommend them to all my friends.

quotebar My 2018 JLU was experiencing all sorts of steering issues causing death wobble, sway and everything else. The folks at Jeep Doctor are extremely
knowledgeable and were able to diagnose the issues and replace the affected parts in just 1 day. Super friendly staff, and helpful with any questions you may have, can only highly recommend especially if you use and off
road your vehicle!

quotebar Stop looking at any other shop. Let me put it in simple English, there is no one better and no one even worth going to but them. Here's a quick
story. So I bought a used 2004 jeep TJ.
couldn't wait to join the club and do some offroading. Well I'm no novice with cars and am very capable but I totally missed some major problems. I had a broken steering box bent track arms and a place in the suspension where
is literally was like shearing off. it looked like a 8 inch gash in the metal and folding over itself. keep in mind I went under this jeep and still missed it.  Of course I should have taken it to a shop before buying it
but chose not to, my mistake. Now the good part, these guys put in quality parts, like reaaaaaaallllyy nice parts more than I could honestly afford at the moment and made it all work in my budget. I can't say just how much
these guys saved me but it's probably 1000s of dollars. These guys buttoned it all up and even welded parts of the suspension/ track bar components that needed to be done. I mean who even welds and does all that type of
work. Amazing staff, like all of them literally. Amazing work. Wow on the welds they were perfection. My jeep is safe and my family is safe in this jeep now. I just wish there were more ways to show my appreciation.  Thanks
Bill and all the guys at the shop, you got a customer for life. Everyone else reading this review stop wasting your time comparing shops and go here.

quotebar So I have a Jeep Gladiator & recently it picked up the Death wobble. I took my Gladiator to 2 other shops before coming to the Jeep Doctors and
they messed up my truck pretty bad.. didn’t fix a thing. So I came to the Jeep Doctors & walking in they immediately made feel welcomed and that was a plus! I had to leave my Gladiator over night and coming back the next
day to pick up my gladiator feeling like a brand new truck! I can’t express how much I appreciate them helping me out! Definitely coming back and being a regular! Also! This is an absolutely cool spot to hang and learn
about your Jeep! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

quotebar Great group. Definitely have a can do attitude towards helping with all my Jeep repair needs.

quotebar Great group of professionals. Went out of their way to schedule my vehicle in for repair.  I strongly recommend this shop if you want your Jeep
repaired right the first time.

quotebar Brought my Jeep in for a new clutch and they had it done same day! Dave gave me great advice on aftermarket clutch options, and helped me make the
right choice for my Jeep.  Also the month before the clutch went out I tore up the housing on my ARB locker due to a snapped axle shaft. I thought I needed a new $1000 locker but Dave told me that as long as the internals
were OK then a $200 housing would do the trick. Dave ordered the housing and John Ryti rebuilt the locker for me as a very reasonable price. Good as new, and I appreciated their help in saving me from buying a new locker.
These guys know Jeep’s (and other vehicle too) and it’s no wonder they are well known and liked in the community.



7:30AM - 4:30PM